Possessing a unique academic background, with a PhD in Business Administration (OB/HR/OT), an MBA in International Management, and a BSc in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, I bring a different perspective to management education. Teaching business courses utilizes my diverse professional experience which includes positions in human resources, resort management, and engineering. My research interests include such topics as: coaching in organizations, improvisation, metaphor in organizational theory, group design and diversity, employee engagement and sustainability, and informal networking.

I would love any feedback on my work and Im always open to hear ideas about collaborations.

Michael J.B. Read, PhD, MBA, BScE, CPHR, GPHR

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Read, M.J.B., McNally, E.A., Garcia, E.L., & Lorrimer, K. (data collection). Investigating what organizations are made of: Construction of a materials engineering metaphor for organizational theory.

Current Focus

Using high-performance practices from sport, Ive developed a new approach to coaching in organizations. This innovative research provides a framework to help employees go for gold in organizational contexts. Im looking forward to bringing this approach to practice, research, and the classroom.