Coaching Services

No world-class athlete succeeds without a coach and organizational coaching is a quickly growing and a highly effective way to improve employee, manager, and executive performance. With the most current coaching knowledge, I can help you or your organization learn the techniques and strategies leading to top performance.

My Peak Approach to coaching involves the combined set of high-performance coaching practices from both organizational and athletic contexts. These Peak coaching practices provide a framework to help leaders, executives, and all other employees “go for gold” in organizational contexts. Please read further for a selection of coaching services that I provide.

Executive/Leadership Coaching
No high performing athlete succeeds without a coach. To reach the highest levels of performance, executives are searching for the edge. I can provide that edge. With full transference of athletic coaching practices combined with the most recent business knowledge, executives can use the Peak Approach to reach new heights in mental and physical performance.

Workplace Coaching
For managers or supervisors wishing to perform as a Manager-Coach, I can help build and maintain a productive coaching program. A special form of coaching is required when the coach is also the employee’s manager. I can train these managers to balance both roles and productively coach employees to performance gains.

Coaching Workshops
If desired, I can conduct workshops to help train employees, managers and executives to incorporate high-performance coaching into daily activities. These day-long workshops can help your current management become more adept with issues of employee learning and development. Peak Approach core coaching techniques and essentials are covered.

Other Coaching Workshop topics which may be of interest include:

  • Coaching Culture Development
  • Coach Selection and Matching
  • Employee Coachability in Training and/or Selection
  • Peer and Team Coaching
  • Maintaining Fairness in Organizational Coaching

Academic Coaching
One format for organizational coaching is specific to academia. High-performance coaching practices can be applied to educational institutions. Professors and academic staff who work with students and other employees will greatly benefit from customized, high-performance coaching programs. I can help coach academics on strategies and practices that will yield the best results from their management of employees and/or graduate students.

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Current Focus

Using high-performance practices from sport, I’ve developed a unique approach to coaching in organizations. My coaching framework helps leaders, executives, and employees “go for gold” in organizational contexts. I currently have space for a few more clients looking for a customized, high-performance coaching program. I look forward to hearing about your individual coaching needs.