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@Michael J.B. Read

"I just can't thank you enough for brightening each day. Your energy in class was such a highlight of the semester and I wanted to express my appreciation - its been a pleasure to learn from you!"
- Courtnay, Vancouver Island University Student

"Fun fact: you are forever ingrained in my memory as my favourite professor of first year!
- Kristen, Sauder School of Business Graduate

"You are a truly outstanding professor whose lectures really engaged students and helped to enhance students' skills in OB. It was a pleasure to take an amazing course with a great Professor like you" - Michelle, Wharton School Business Student

"You did a great job of making the class interesting. This was my favourite class this term...lectures were engaging (which was greatly appreciated!) and the enthusiasm as well as knowledge you brought to the classroom made a big difference in my drive to learn." - Katherine, Gustavson Business Student

Current Focus

Using high-performance practices from sport, Ive developed a new approach to coaching in organizations. This innovative research provides a framework to help employees go for gold in organizational contexts. Im looking forward to bringing this approach to practice, research, and the classroom.